Do you ever get something in your head that you ‘need’.  It could be a dress, a pair of shoes or a bag for example. It’s not an item you have actually seen in the shops, just in your mind, but you know you HAVE to have it.

I do this on a regular basis.  I design an outfit or a look in my head, then drive myself mad for a good few months trying to recreate it with things I find in the shops.

Normally by the time I have found something almost suitable the season has changed and a new obsession has begun.

It’s the exceptionally fun game I like to call; The Phantom Fashion Find.

Currently I’m after the perfect brown leather bag.

This Spring I am finding I have a new-found love of denim, I blame it on ‘The Big Reunion’ bringing B*witched back into my life.

Therefore I have created this light brown leather messenger bag in my head that will go with both my skinny jeans and a simple tee or a skater dress with denim jacket.  It is small enough to not be a ‘statement’ but large enough to fit the essentials in.  It has lots of pockets and pretty designs on the zip pulls. It also smells amazing!

Oh and it also costs under £40 incase this denim phase doesn’t last long.

I don’t ask for much do I?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the words are all my own
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