Style Project: New Year, New You

Over a lunch date with my blogging bestie Modern Mummy we decided that 2014 would be the year that we regained our style confidence and re-injected a little glamour into our everyday lives. With that decision the Style Project: New Year, New You (#NYNYStyleProject) was born.

Style Project: New Year, New You

Every month we will release a list of daily prompts which you should try and incorporate into your style on that day. By style we mean clothes, accessories and beauty. The prompt could be a colour, a pattern, a texture, a country, a product, anything. It’s up to you how you interpret it. We could say ‘Great Britain’ and you might want to wear a Great British brand, or something red, white or blue. We could say ‘sparkle’ and you might want to wear a pair of sequined skinny trousers – or a glittery top coat on your nail varnish. We could say ‘tan’ and you might fancy treating yourself to a St Tropez – or you might have a pair of tan knee-high boots at the back of the wardrobe you’ve needed an excuse to wear for ages. The change can be as big or as little as you feel comfortable with.

You can take part on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest using the hashtag #NYNYstyleproject – and by searching that hashtag you can see other people’s interpretations of the daily prompt and gain a whole lot of new ideas for your own style.

You don’t have to take part everyday, and you certainly don’t need to be spending a fortune on new things.  This is our way of trying to encourage people to fall back in love with the clothes they already have, and to go back to their teenage years, swapping with friends and sharing the love. Raid your best friends wardrobe, borrow her lipstick and lend her your shoes.

Together we can help each other feel great about ourselves again.

If you are joining in with the #NYNYStyleProject please do share the badge on your blog

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