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There are many milestones I have enjoyed with my children. First swim, first holiday, first day at school. The list goes on and on.

Today we found a new milestone to enjoy together. The first time of flying a kite.

Well I say flying, but really it was more throwing it up, running and hoping for the best. We *may* have chosen our kite on how pretty it was over the practicality of it, so they flying part wasn’t very successful, but we did have a lot of fun trying.

As we are spending the weekend with family on the Essex coast it seamed the perfect opportunity to give the kite a whirl.

Here’s how we got on… Read More →

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indoor scavenger hunt

Its the weekend and its raining – isn’t that a delight!!

Bored children lead to fed up children, and fed up children soon lead to fed up parents.  So why not stop the rot and have some fun this afternoon with a family Indoor Scavenger Hunt.

All you need is to print off this Indoor Scavenger Hunt List and then think up a suitable prize for the winner.  We always let the winner chose the family movie we are going to watch that evening (or the take-out we will order later if we are having a treat). You could even let them choose there own game to play next, such as the awesome idea from Lisa Brown, CenterParcs gmaes guru of screwing up some old newspaper and sticking it together to make a ball and then grabbing some empty toilet roll holders to make your own indoor ten pin bowling alley

Objects in the Indoor Scavenger Hunt can either be collected as you go or written down and left where they are, or if you are feeling very modern you could get them all to take a picture on their phones, ipads, ipods etc – totally up to you. Read More →

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So half term is here and its raining. How predictable. Time for some rainy day play at Essex HQ.

Top of my rainy day play list is cooking, craft and building forts. Actually top of my rainy day play list is cooking, and then eating our wares in the fort we built while the food was in the oven. Everyone loves an indoor picnic.

Rainy Day Play – 5 Things To Do In An Indoor Fort

Have a picnic – Indoor picnics are almost as good as outdoor ones. You may not have the sunshine and fresh air, but there are no bugs, wasps and naughty little ducks trying to steel your food. Set up a blanket in the fort and serve some picnic style food for lunch. Great way to brighten up a rainy day.

Read your books – This is perfect if you have older and younger ones. We build a reading fort in Scarlett’s room where she can do her reading away from little O. She loves having a grown up space and O enjoys having a little one on one time with Mummy during the holidays. Read More →

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