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BOB Sport Utility Stroller Review – BOB On Tour

We’ve been working with Brittax to review the BOB Sport Utility Stroller for a good few months now.  I have explained how it got its nickname The Beast, shared tips on exercising with the stroller and have praised it no end on Twitter and Facebook for the way it has slotted perfectly into our busy family life.


You see this BOB Sport is more than just a running buggy, in fact i’d say only 30% of my use for it is exercise based, this had become my everyday, and most favorite ever, stroller.


The beauty of it is its versatility, there is nowhere it can’t go. Sand? not a problem. Steep hill? easy peasy. Mud? child’s play.  It’s like an off-road, 4X4, beast that also looks sleek in the city.  The Ranger Rover of the buggy world if you will.

I have taken my BOB Sport Utility Stroller on tour with me this summer. It has been to Camp Bestival, Cornwall, countless National Trust places, days out at the beach, forest walks, farms, and goodness knows how many other places. I’m almost sad now that Baby Essex is a baby no more, O is wanting to walk everywhere now, I feel our days together with the BOB may be numbered.  I really will be sad to see it go, it has become a friend to me. A trusty sidekick, there to support me no matter the weather or terrain.

No adventure is too much for my BOB. He’s my best friend.

20131023-130615.jpg 20131023-130603.jpg 20131023-130554.jpg

For more information on the BOB Sport Utility Stroller visit the BOBgear website.

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Buggy Fitness Tips From BOB Strollers

I spoke last week about my AMAZING new BOB Sport Utility Stroller and the launch of the Active Parent website.  In conduction with this launch the wonderful Laura Willams have sent me over some fitness tips and buggy exercises to do with my new stroller when out and about.

The tips I’m sharing are aimed at parents like me who have babies over the age of 9 months who want to get back in shape.  Check out for anti and post natal exercises.




Most women experience dramatic physical changes to their bodies during pregnancy, which occur as the body’s natural way of preparing for childbirth. To help support and protect the body during this time, it is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good fitness regime during pregnancy. This will help to prepare for a delivery and also make life much easier when it comes to getting back into shape post birth.


Fitness expert, Laura Williams recommends that by following a few simple steps during and post pregnancy, women can drastically improve the physical and emotional state of mind during and post childbirth – and getting your body back can be as easy as a simple walk in the park!

9 months+

This is the time to ramp up your fitness routine! You’ll probably be keen to start getting back into your pre-pregnancy clothes; relaxin levels will have started to return to normal so you can be more bold with your exercises, and the chances are, your energy levels will be on the up.

Try to add new challenges to your exercise routine, but keep it do-able. Daily walks at higher intensities and new conditioning exercises will help to keep everything stimulating and will ensure that you continue to see results, both with your fitness and energy levels, and also in terms of shaping up.

  • Up the pace of your walking workout. You could try the following: start with 7 minutes of moderate paced walking, then walk uphill for 5 minutes, and finish the interval by walking quickly for 5 minutes. Repeat. This is a good length workout! Alternatively you could try jogging with your stroller: start out slow and practise running with both hands, one hand, and with the strap. And always stay upright, keeping elbows bent and try not to lean into the stroller especially as you fatigue.

You can also try these new stroller exercise challenges:

·       Walking Stroller Lunge. Stand behind your stroller with hands on the handlebars and take a long stride forward bending front knee to a 90-degree angle – your thigh should be parallel to the ground. Keep torso lifted, hips and shoulders facing forward. Push through the front heel to come back up to standing – this will work your bottom muscles more, and ensure that you don’t put too much weight on the stroller too. Switch legs and repeat this for one minute. Rest and repeat the exercise.

·       Waist Whittler. Stand tall with your right side facing the stroller. Keeping as still as you can in the upper body, gently push the stroller away with your right hand, while reaching overhead with left arm. Tense your abdominal muscles on the left side to pull the stroller back. Do this 8-10 times before changing sides.

·       Single-Leg Squat and Row. Stand with feet hip-width apart, right hand on stroller, and extend left leg in front of you so you’re balancing on your right leg with your knees aligned. Slowly bend your right knee as you push the stroller away from you ensuring as you bend your knees don’t come over your toes. Then straighten leg and pull stroller in towards you. Do 20 on each leg.

If you have any other Buggy Fitness exercises or tips to share please do leave a comment below.

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