This week the glorious lazy days of summer finally come to an end *sobs* and we are all getting ready for the ‘back to school’ race.

Last summer we had all our uniform bought and pressed by August 1st, S was starting big school and we were all very excited, but this year I have taken a little more relaxed approach to it all.  And when I say relaxed, I clearly mean I’ve ignored it all for as long as possible and then set about panicking in a very un-Bristsh like manor!

Back To School – Uniform Review

Luckily the wonderful BHS came to our school uniform rescue, and Regatta were on hand to solve our wellies and waterproof problems.

photo 1

I like my uniform to feel thick and good quality. As much as I believe the falling price of uniform is great to ensure all can afford to follow school guidelines, I do still feel that paying a little more (and I’m talking just £2-£3 an item) can make a huge difference in both the fit and life-span of the uniform.

photo 2

The BHS pinafore dresses (priced at  £11 each) are lovely and thick, plus they hang so well despise me getting them in a size bigger than currently needed, and the shirts (£9 for a pack of two) are fab, a breeze to iron and with buttons that are easy for little fingers to use.  We were very impressed indeed! Great quality, at a price that’s still kind to the ‘back to school’ bank balance.

Being a little village school, S is in a class of 12, wellies and a warm waterproof coat is a must!  Welly walks are an almost daily occurrence, and the school take any given opportunity to take the learning outside.

photo 3

Regatta have an amazing range of coasts and Wellingtons perfect for school, but they are often overlooked!

I love the Stormcloud Wellies ($25) for their easy grab handle, perfect for the rush of the school run and then some independence when they are there, and this fab Dodger Jacket (£45) is waterproof and windproof thanks to its Thermo-Guard insulation without being too bulky.

I’m gonna miss that girl so much when school starts back!

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