The summer holidays, six blissful weeks with my darling children.  Now while I adore having all this time to spend them, and I really do love it, it just get so damn expensive trying to find things for us  to do.  You see I’m not very good at staying in and relaxing, I prefer adventures, so I’m always looking for fab ideas of what to do with my little little ladies.

Today I have a wonderful guest post for you all (and for me) on the best hidden London hotspots that everyone should visit.

Hidden London hotspots that everyone should visit

London is famous for St Paul’s Cathedral, London Tower and many other well-known sights … but there is another side to the metropolis that is just as interesting and gives you a less populist taste of life in the capital.

Here are some ideas of unusual places to visit in London.

hidden London hotspots that everyone should visit

Lord Leighton’s London gem

If you enjoy beauty and culture, but aren’t too keen on crowds, then Lord Leighton’s House, in Kensington is the place for you. This stunning museum just by Holland Park is extraordinarily beautiful.

If you’re an older member of society and want to get some decorative inspiration for your McCarthy and Stone apartment, then look no further. The tiled mosaics and gorgeous paintings will fuel your creative passions and you can wander around the building at your own pace.

This hidden gem is easy to explore and National Trust members get a 50% discount.

Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green

South Kensington is famous for its museums, but if you venture further east you’re in for a real treat. The Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood is close to Bethnal Green station and is popular with all age groups. According to that bible of London life, Time Out, the museum is “home to one of the world’s finest collections of children’s toys, doll’s houses, games and costumes”.

The museum is free, which is always a bonus.

John Adam Street, Charing Cross

London is often so noisy and dirty that if you are looking for somewhere that is close to the centre but provides an oasis of serenity then the streets around the iconic neo classical Adelphi offer a calming respite to the busy racket of the Strand and Charing Cross. John Adam Street, Robert Street and the Adelphi Terrace are three streets that have retained their stylish architecture and represent the very best of eighteenth century design.

Continuing with this theme of style, why not wander down the road to the Savoy and treat yourself to afternoon tea? It’s good to indulge yourself occasionally, and if you’re going to push the boat out, you may as well do so in an atmosphere of luxury!

I hope you enjoy these hidden London hotspots that everyone should visit, I know I am certainly looking forward to paying them a visit.

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