If you mention to a friend about casino dining, they will probably give you a blank stare. No doubt they will assume you are planning of an evening playing online casino games with a takeaway. However if you look further into the world of casino cuisine, there are actually a lot of good restaurants out there; especially in Vegas.

For those who like international cuisine with a flair, then the casinos of Las Vegas have some restaurants you need to try. The city has so many choices and offers just about everything, it can sometimes be difficult to decide where to eat while in the city. Many people often venture to some casinos just to try their restaurants.

Which casinos have the best restaurants in Las Vegas?

The Barbary Coast has one of the best restaurants in Vegas, Drai’s. The restaurant was built on the site of a former fast food outlet. Today’s cuisine is definitely many steps above the former food consumed here. The dishes on the menu are an eclectic blend of California and French Provence dishes. With the merging of the two cuisine styles, the chef here has created a scrumptious dining experience. Small touches to each dish make them even more special. Drai’s also includes a lounge which plays jazz.

Another Vegas restaurant with international influences is Terrazza. Found within Caesar’s Palace, this restaurant is known for its rustic Italian bistro food. Expect to find beautiful dishes such as Chicken cacciatore as well as a range of pastas, pizzas, grilled meats and seafood. The restaurant overlooks the Garden of Gods which provides diners with a spectacular view while they enjoy their food. Al fresco dining can also occur during pleasant weather in a pavilion that has been enclosed in glass.

The Bellagio also features a restaurant with fare prepared in the rustic Italian tradition. The B & B Ristorante offers up unique culinary delights including grilled octopus with a spicy limoncello vinaigrette. A special take on ravioli can be ordered. The beef mixture has included truffles as well as crushed duck liver. The result is a tasty take on traditional ravioli by adding such luxurious ingredients. The restaurant is also well liked for its extensive wine list featuring the best varieties of Italian wine.

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