A few weeksn back the grls and I took my mother for a day out to Kew Gardens. Living only a short car ride away from RHS Hyde Hall we have recently discovered a love of lancaped gardens and beauftuil plants, and seeing as my fingers are as green as they are purple it is one of the only chances we have to really see the true beauty that plants (when lovingly cared for) can bring.

Kew Gardens


The gardens, set in West London, are famous for their historic glasshouses, beautiful woods, Royal buildings and precious trees. Plus there is also plenty for children to see and do, including giant plant tunnels and treetop walkway, making Kew Gardens the perfect destination for a family day out.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the kindest to us on our visit, but we still managed to have a wonderful day, I don’t think I will ever tire of watching my daughters and my Mother bond so well…





Amazing colours in the tropical glasshouse…



Finding our head for heights on the Treetop Walkway…



Many Thanks to simplyhealth.co.uk for sending us to Kew Gardens as part of their Healthy Ageing campaign aimed at ensuring the over 55 population remain active and cared for as they head into their golden years.  It really is a great campaign, and one we all will benefit from at some point either through our parents or even ourselves in a (good) few years time, so it is well worth checking out and supporting.



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