Since joining the gym I have found a whole host of new reasons to go shopping. It’s been like entering a new world. A slippery slope into wants over needs.  I needed new gym clothes, I wanted them to be Sweaty Betty. I needed music to help me focus, I therefore wanted a new iPod. The list went on and on.

Now, almost two months later. I think I have all I need. I have finally hit my gym grove. No more will you find me getting changed for the pool and realising my swimsuit is at home, or dressing for the day after an early morning class only to find I have left my shoes at home and will now have to do the weekly shop in a dress and trainers. #LilyAllenStyle.

My secret? A permanently packed gym bag. Ready to pick up at a moments notice, full of everything I may need.

Inside My Gym Bag…


….you will find. Workout clothes and trainers, swimsuit, hairbands, Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three to remove the chlorine and his amazing detangling spray to use with my trusty tangle teaser, iPod shuffle, water bottle (empty ready to be filled at the gym), energy bars for a post workout snack and, last but not least, magazines for making the most of any child free time I may have left post work out.

What can be found in your gym bag?

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