How can it be time for the #NYNYStyleProject March Prompts already? This year is flying past.

I’m sat here, sun streaming though the window (although it’s still freezing outside), dreaming of spring and all the wonder and beauty it brings forth.  The excitement of seeing that first daffodil in the village, the cute baby lambs at the farm and, most importantly, those first few days where just a light jacket will do.

Spring also brings with it many other wardrobe changes, from which many of the #NYNYStyleProject March Prompts take their inspiration. Clothes become lighter, in both weight and colour, hemlines raise and by beloved sunglasses become an everyday staple once more.

February was an awesome month for the #NYNYStyleProject and we are hoping that with these great #NYNYStyleProject March Prompts we can have another record number of participants on our hands. I love how we are all working together to inject some life back into our style – we have created our very own girl power.

So, without further ado, I give to you #NYNYStyleProject March Prompts

#NYNYStyleProject March Prompts

#NYNYStyleProject March Prompts

If seeing these very exciting #NYNYStyleProject March Prompts has made you wonder what the #NYNYStyleProject is all about then check out the full details here.

Remember to tag your tweets and IGs with the #NYNYStyleProject hashtag so we can see them all and spread the love.



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