I have a case of major ski envy this year. Since having children, actually since finding out I was pregnant, I have been absent from the slopes. 6 winters have passed since I last hopped on a chair lift and flung myself down the black runs and I’m itching to return.

A Working Holiday – My Return To The Slopes

Next year I will return.  It will be a very different kind of ski holiday to the ones of my early twenties.  A lot less alcohol and (hopefully) a bit more sleep, but none the less it will be amazing. The girls will be 3 and 5, perfect age to start ski school.  Putting aside my fear that they will grow up to be better on snow than their father and I, I cannot wait to get the girls on skis.  How cute do the tiny tots look on the slopes?

These days I tend to always find myself on a working holiday whenever I go away.  Working for myself now it’s not so easy to just take a whole week off work.  Checking Twitter, replying to emails or writing a post or two – there is always something I need to do to make sure we can still eat when we get home.

Sometimes, when I find myself on a working holiday, I struggle to seek out a place to be creative. Somewhere quiet, with that all important wifi connection, to work in peace. I have always said big resorts need some sort of ‘hot desk’ offices for workaholics like me.

Well guess what? some now do! and I know how to find them.

A Working Holiday – The App

Olympic Hangovers is a great new website that allows people find remote working spaces and offices in winter sport resorts. Allowing individuals to do their day job in the morning and then enjoy an afternoon skiing or skating. With remote working you have the freedom to work anywhere, no more excuses to not take that break you have been promising yourself since Christmas. All you need to do is enter the resort you’re interested in visiting and any remote working locations will be pinpointed for you online.

I know to some the idea of a working holiday is totally against what they think a break should be. But for some people, me included, it’s the only way you get to have a holiday at all. So an app like Olympic Hangovers is priceless.  I just hope one is designed soon for beach resorts too.

A Working Holiday

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