One of the great things about being part of the New Year New You Style Project (#NYNYStyleProject) is a desire to make more of an effort everyday.  I am, finally, taking pride in my appearance and have even been known to wear make-up, albeit minimal and natural looking, on the school run. OMG. I’m a changed woman!
I know the make-up brands I am most suited to, I feel comfortable in their store and the products work well with my skin, but it never huts to look around every now and then to see what is new on the market. I have been hearing lots about mineral make-up, and have put it on my to-do list to find out what it actually is, especially this great range of mineral foundation from Mii I have heard about. I also need to get some high quality makeup brushes, as I’m pretty sure some I own pre-date my meeting The Essex Husband.

New Year New You Style Project Prompts

February’s #NYNYStyleProject prompts are soon to be announced.  I am hoping that they can push us slightly more outside our comfort zone and even encourage us to try something new. Its a very exciting prospect going into month two of this – thank you all so much for joining in.
Now its time to hand the floor over to you guys….
What would you like to see included in the New Year New You Style Project next month?
Drop me a comment or tweet me with the hashtag #NYNYStyleProject and I’ll see what we can do.
Post in partnership Gerrard International – all views expressed my own
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One Thought on “A Mother’s Make Over – New Year New You Style Project

  1. Hmmmmmmmm? How about some more make uppy related ones? I’m loving wearing make up for school! I think the treachers think I’ve gone away and someone else is bringing F in?! xx

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