Yes its that time of year when all the New Year, New Me declarations are made.  Some people find this annoying. receptive, unbelievable (but these are often the same people who moan at their own shadow for being to close), I on the other hand find them inspiring. I love how a new year can give you a chance to start again.

Tesco have launched their new Tesco Healthy Living Range this January, right in time for everyone looking for a healthy alternative to pop in their trolley.

From prepared meals, salads and salad dressings to dessert and snacks, the Tesco Healthy Living Range is all about being big on taste but low on calories.

Tesco Healthy Living Range

I was invited to lunch with Tesco back in December to try out some of these great new Tesco Healthy Living Range meals and I can vouch for the fact that they are certianly big on taste.

My personal favorites were

Tesco Healthy Living Range


Tesco Healthy Living Range

The full Tesco Healthy Living Range will be available from January 2014  - I can’t wait to try our some more.


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