Well as I’m sure you have guessed from the fact I am writing this post, I have survived the mission. I successfully navigated the minefield that is getting two under-5′s, 3 suitcases, a car-seat and hand luggage (not to mention an army of stuffed animals) across the Atlantic and safely to the drop-off point of JFK international. As we landed, and I awoke my sleeping little ladies, I was congratulated by the couple sitting behind us on the superb behavior of my two daughters; saying how they would not have even known they were sitting behind a young family – I felt like bloody superwoman!

Our day had started 11 hours earlier at Heathrow. As The Essex Husband kissed us all goodbye at security I could feel the tears pricking up in my eyes, knowing the girls seeing me upset would have set them off I rushed off through with hardly a glance back. Heartbreaking. Flying with Children is actually OK. You board first, you get help when needed, and you have an excuse to be watching the latest kids film onboard without coming across as a little on the edgy side.

Our American Airlines plane was a brand spanking new model with lots of leg room and funky extras, such as wifi access and individual plug sockets to charge your devices on board. Sure beats flying short hall in those budget orange planes that’s for sure. Headphones were our only issue. You get them free of charge, however they are in-ear earphones, not exactly practical for young children. I will need to buy some old-fashioned ones for the journey home.


I was informed at the gate that American Airlines don’t issue Children’s meals (even though when booking through their sister agent BA I had pre-booked one) which left me a little apprehensive regarding the dinner situation that was to come. I needed had worried. When the food cart came round we were given the option to choose between chicken or pasta, and the tomato and pepper pastabake we all went for was delicious. I would honestly eat it again at home. Empty plates all round (well apart from the very strange cookie flavor combination of Orange and Coconut).

15 hours of traveling later we arrived at the door of one of my most treasured friends; you know the kind you may not see from month to month (or even year to year when they decide to move continents) but within five minutes of being in their company it was last you saw them yesterday.

I was drained, cold and ready for bed.

It felt amazing!

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3 Thoughts on “New York Adventures Part One – Coming To America

  1. Lauren on January 4, 2014 at 9:17 am said:

    Wow, well done you. You’ve definitely earned a supermum badge for that.
    I hope you all have a wonderful time xx

  2. Franglaise Mummy on January 5, 2014 at 9:55 am said:

    Hats off to you! I’ve done UK – France flights numerous times with kids alone, but couldn’t imagine doing a long-haul flight alone with two of them! I hope the flight home is just as seamless and you have a great time while you’re there too.

  3. I’ve only just caught up with this but sounds like you ARE superwoman! xxxx

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