One of the most frequent reactions to my telling people I am flying, without my husband, to New York with the girls is ‘your are crazy’ closely followed by ‘how on Earth are you going to keep them entertained?’.

Seven hours, just me and two under five’s – yes I may be a little bit crazy but it will be worth it. There are plenty of cartoons on the plane for them to watch, and with some clever packing of my children’s long haul hand luggage I think we will be fine.

Children’s Long Haul Hand Luggage – My Packing List

Colouring books and pencils – endless amounts of entertainment

Snacks – little, non messy snack, such as individual mini-boxes of cereal and dried fruit.

Wipes – individual packs so they can use them themselves

PJs – I will change the girls into these before we get on the plane and keep their clothes close at hand for any accidents.

Notebook – S’s writing is coming on so well now, I would like her to make her own diary/scrapbook of the trip.

Teddy – a little home comfort to help them sleep

There will be other bits I need for them; Nappies for O, anti-bac hand gel, Calpol sachets etc, but they will go in my hand luggage instead (more on that next week).

My children’s long haul hand luggage will be packed in Trunki cases – Harley LadyBird Trunki for little O and a very grown up BoostApak for S – exciting luggage for an exciting trip.

children's long haul hand luggage

So have I missed anything, what are your top tips for children’s long haul hand luggage? I would love to know.

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