Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas, is the most exciting night of the year for children and parents alike.

To make it even more special I have created a Christmas Eve treat box for the girls to open on the evening of the 24th, all ready for a special bedtime.

Christmas Eve Treat Box

Christmas Eve Treat Box – What To include

1. Snowball Mallows – A lovely light treat, plus perfect for putting on top of a very special ‘night before christmas’ hot chocolate.

2. Hot Chocolate – A special night needs a special bedtime drink. This cinnamon hot chocolate from Whittards is perfect for such occasion.

3. New PJs – I prefer to buy some lovely new PJs for the girls in a pattern they can enjoy all year round.  This year I have chosen some beautiful owl design Hatley ones.

4. Christmas Mugs – Every year we get a new Christmas ‘thing’ each. Last year was personalised Santa stockings, this year we will all be opening gorgeous Emma Bridgewater mugs.

I love traditions, especially at this time of year, and I am looking forward to making this Christmas Eve treat box one that last for many years to come.

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