For some, the idea of traveling across the US or Europe by car with the kids is almost unbearable. Fear of them getting bored, sick or irritated can transform a brilliant family holiday into the trip from hell.

However with out recent family day trip to Calais a success, and our planned trip to NYC taking shape, I find myself edging ever closer to packing everything up for a summer and taking a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air coast to coast in the USA or hiring a VW Campervan and touring round Europe.

I think with the right amount of planning my girls could enjoy a long road trip anywhere while we can sit back and enjoy the view (well the one who isn’t driving can anyway)! Travel isn’t just a means between A and B, it’s part of the holiday!

With a few simple steps followed, I think my dream holidays could be a success – no matter how young or old the children are.


Being prepared

As much as travelling with kids requires the ability to be spontaneous, you can usually tell what will keep them entertained for the vast majority of the trip. Ensuring you have plenty of food with a long shelf life for snacks and meals, replacement batteries and chargers for gadgets and all of the possible medications that you may need will ensure a stress-free trip.

Long car journeys can be exhausting for everyone, especially for me as the only driver. Before setting off plan stops and rest points where the kids can run around and burn some energy, as well as have somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep at night.

Saving tips and tricks

It can sometimes feel as though that, in order to have a really great time, you must spend far more money than you have, which only serves to make you stressed and worried. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you don’t spend over the odds on holiday though.

Making a realistic budget before setting off including food and gas will ensure that you don’t find yourself surprised by the bill at the end. Don’t forget to have enough to cover these essentials as you could find yourself short.

Eating ‘in’ for two meals a day mean that you can prepare food and ensure that those meals have already been covered. With the money you’ll save, you can then indulge in a fun and delicious meal in a local diner that all the family can enjoy. Plus there is nothing my girls find more fun than cooking on an open fire or camp stove.

Keeping the kids entertained

While some children might be happy with a good book to keep them quiet for the entire trip, most children need more entertainment than this for several hours at a time. Playing games such as ‘I Spy…’ will not only keep them happy, it will also make them feel like part of the trip. This useful entertaining print and play games booklet makes sure the kids have fun on a road trip

Colouring and paper games are great for families with more than one child as it allows them to play together without having to run around or use lots of toys – plus they pack up nice and small so there is more room for the essentials.

So who knows, maybe we will brave the trip next year… or maybe I’ll just see how New York goes first!

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