Is it too soon to plan Easter? I’m not talking about buying chocolate eggs or making bonnets, that would be a little too forward planning even for me. No, I’m talking about holidays. Is it too soon to plan my Easter holidays?

Before Scarlett started school I was quite free and easy when it came to my holiday bookings. Happy to leave it up to the last-minute to see if we could get a good deal somewhere. That was of course before we only had set times we could go away, and before I knew that sometimes the price I would have to pay to go in these times may be a little more than I had paid before.

So now I think that maybe preparation is the key. Plan ahead, look for deals, packages, early bird discounts. Anything that means we still get to have wonderful holidays as a family without having to remortgage our home.

Another thing family holidays have taught me is that you don’t actually need to leave the UK to have a great time. Children are quite simple when it comes to their holiday needs. Swimming pool, entertainment and lots of family friendly places to eat. We could get this all on the Med next April, but equally great would be an Easter Break at Butlins in 2014.

Butlins may not have been my first choice of destination pre-children, but now with 2 children under 5 it suddenly has a renewed appeal. As a child I loved it, it was like an endless adventure from start to finish. I really want my children to experience that too.

Plus, you’re never too old to spend a holiday remembering your childhood are you?

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