A Night Under Floodlights, A Night Being Me…

As parents we make sacrifices. The list if things I have given up for my children include a career, high heels and my waistline.

Is it worth it? Yes, 100 times over, but it’s healthy every now and then to fall down the rabbit hole into your old world, even if its just for an hour or two.


Pre children, if you were looking for me at the weekend your best bet was the pub. Saturday was football day. Pre match beers, adrenaline kicking in as we left to walk to the ground, the smell of men and burgers filling the air. Sounds disgusting, but for me it was home, it was comforting. Win, lose or draw we would head back to the pub, play darts and then eat fried chicken…..I sure was one classy lady!!

Tuesday I made the pilgrimage back to the homeland, sunny old Leyton, to see the mighty O’s take on Notts County. I wont bore you all with a match report (mainly as A View From The West Stand does a much better job than I ever could) but I will say that it awesome to be back. Football under the floodlights has an atmosphere like no others, and discovering i’m not a jinx was a life-changing experience.

Standing in the bar surrounded by lifelong friends that share my questionable taste in football teams, was almost as heartwarming as discovering said bar now serves Crabbies at £2.90 a bottle! #bargin

I laughed at rude jokes, drank alcohol on a school night and sang my heart out in the stands. It felt so good. Every goal I cheered, bad refereeing decision I booed and piece of chicken I consumed, reminded me that my pre child life was pretty damn good. I have amazing friends who when I’m in their company, no matter how much time passes between our time together, always leave me feeling like I saw them yesterday. They are the complete definition of life long friends. It does me good to remember how lucky I am. It does me good to remember I am more than just ‘Mum’.

….and seeing The History Boys chalk up with 7th win in a row…..well that was priceless!

Up The O’s



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3 thoughts on “A Night Under Floodlights, A Night Being Me…

  1. wendy @ little mans mum

    I miss going to live football so much. I haven’t been for nearly 3 years, since I got pregnant with oscar. Cant wait to take Oscar when he is older. X

  2. Actually Mummy...

    It really is important and we don’t make enough time for it. And then when they leave home it’s no wonder we lose sense of our identity.
    Sheesh, that was a bit deep! What I meant to say was, I got dragged to another questionable team ground (Ipswich) regularly during my courtship with hubs and I know what you mean, it is exciting in a way nothing else can be. Good for you x

    1. AnEssexWife Post author

      Thank you – deep yes, but very true. I dont want to wake up 20 years from now with am empty nest wondering who the hell I am….unless that feeling has been induced by a good night out :-)


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