Lectures start for me in little over a week now and the nerves are kicking in. Will I make friends, Will I be able to cope with the work, will I find the perfect first day outfit?

Now the weather has turned to autumn temperatures it needs to be warm. Comfy shoes are a must as I will be doing long days. I’m thinking a casual day dress, thick tights, flat black boots and a comfy cardigan.

I know it doesn’t matter what I wear. That it’s what is on the inside that’s important. I’m there to learn not for a fashion show, but lets face it, I am going to have 10 years (and two children) on most of my class mates so I want need to make an effort.

What I wear is one of the few things I can control about my first day of Uni (and as a control freak I am clinging on to this with while knuckles), so I will be putting a lot of thought into my choices.

If that makes me shallow, so be it.

Picture 1

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